In former times, painting was essentially a craft that had to be learned through exercise – not fast and driven, but quiet and thorough. I take a lot of time, analyzing the compositions and image contents that I want to paint. I study the light thoroughly beforehand, because the play of light and shadows gives my paintings character, depth and life. Only when everything is right, the moment is brought to the canvas.



The artist Jasmine Diez works in the style of the traditional Old Master painting technique and thus creates figurative contemporary works of art. The paintings that she brings to the canvas can be classified as “photorealistic”.

In addition to her interest in still life, a further focus concerns human beings. Quotation: “Capturing persons in their full vitality and painting the moment in oil on canvas is for me the essence of art”.

Discover the precise look, the concentrated calm and the beauty of her work of art; a fascinating variety of colors and shapes. She creates timeless images, that are simultaneously contemplative and powerful.

Sculpture, especially of humans, is her second discipline. Naturalistic clay busts determine her current creative sculptures. She adequately characterizes each model.
In addition to oil paintings, acrylic- and watercolor techniques are part of her repertoire.


Curriculum vitae

Study of architecture (Frankfurt, Main, Germany)

Study of arts at the FKS Academy for Arts and Design (Stuttgart, Germany)
Masters degree (Diploma) in free painting and sculpture

Arts teachers were among others: Olga Dugina, Andrej Dugin, Rolf Kilian, Gisela Jäckle, Prof. A. Leuteritz, Bernhard Richter.

She is lecturer at the Free Arts Academy in Allensbach (Lake Constance) since 2012.